Recent Successes


VAB began its high school scholarship program in 2000 by awarding 100 scholarships to students in 10 schools. In 2014, VAB provided 1,940 scholarships to students at 65 high schools in rural Bangladesh. So far VAB has provided more than 10 thousand scholarships to students from the 6th to the 10th Grade.

Students receive admission, tuition, exam fees and stationery as part of the high school scholarship

Under the College Scholarship program, which began in 2005, VAB has provided poor but promising high school students with outstanding final exam scores. scholarships to enter college. Students receive assistance with admission and tuition fees, books and supplies. Between 2005 and 2013, 1008 college scholarships have been provided.

Teacher training

Training teachers probably has the greatest impact on improving the quality of rural education. VAB’s training makes teachers more effective and confident by introducing new teaching methods and reviewing the most recent national curriculum. Under the Teacher Training Program, at the VAB offices in Dhaka, 835 rural teachers have so far been given training in English, Math, and Computers.