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Volunteers Training Program

VAB relies heavily on volunteers to implement its educational programs. About 30 motivated volunteer interns operated and monitored VAB programs. They are recruited from universities and colleges in Dhaka. VAB provides them with a real-life experience in rural Bangladesh. After 2 days of training in practical research methods, interviewing techniques, accounting procedures, and a day of fieldwork, each intern is assigned one or two schools for a year. Interns monitor and research the education progress of scholarship holders and of the schools in general and distribute equipment and funds. Internship in VAB has proven to be valuable addition to the resume of volunteers.

Emergency Programs 2000 - 2020

In addition to above education and computer literacy activities VAB supports ad-hoc activities in response to natural disasters. During hurricane Sidr, for example, VAB leveraged its donor base to raise funds on behalf of relief activities. Likewise, following 2013 Savar accident, VAB collaborated with four tech companies based in Bangladesh to raise a total of net $11,704 from 64 donors, using VAB’s Portal. The fund was distributed to victims and their families. The four tech companies are: Fortuna Group, G&R Technologies Ltd., Magnito Digital and Portonics Ltd.

VAB Assists Families During Covid

VAB is deeply concerned with the miseries and economic hardships imposed by the coronavirus pandemic on the most disadvantaged communities and families in Bangladesh. Of particular worry for VAB are the severely distressed families in the school communities with which VAB works.

In 2020, VAB completed an Assistance Program to help these families with cash sufficient for 15 days’ supply of food and essentials. VAB USA came forward with a contribution to support 1,200 most affected families, 20 families in each of the communities of 60 schools VAB works with. Taka 1,800,000 was remitted to VAB Bangladesh for the purpose.


Quality education for the underprivileged in rural Bangladesh.


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